I provide Experience Design solutions to a wide-range of industries, helping all businesses (B2B and B2C) from small to enterprise achieve confident information delivery and comprehensive user interaction for current and potential customers. Methods of Human Factors care include User-Centered Design processes focused in Design Operations (DesignOps) to optimize products and services for what users can, need, and want to accomplish. At the core of all strategy, research, and design efforts lies efficient workflow development through harmonization, prioritization, and enablement, aligning design solutions with business and technology goals to deliver intuitive and enjoyable experiences for all users.


The samples provided on this page, categorized by company, and the information throughout this portfolio are succint and conscise to both provide the viewer with a brief overview of work and potential as well as protecting the intellectual property of current and past clients. I can provide a broader, dynamic presentation of portofolio work including copious amounts of Figma prototypes and expound upon meaning and direction during an in-person or online meeting/presentation.

RSA Security

RSA Security is a cybersecurity and digital risk management solutions company.

The SecurID Authenticate app mobile design, combined the functionality of both legacy apps, SecurID and Authenticate into one app. The SecurID app provided a tokencode for on-prem-based access to company resources. The Authenticate app provided Multifactor Authentication Cloud-based capability.

The Identity, Governance, & Lifecycle system provides assurance that user access is secure and compliant with active visibility and key indicators to inform, alert, and take appropriate action. I performed extensive user research (both qualitative and quantitative) and set up collaborative internal workshops to elevate understanding and drive toward a user-centered design process. This produced quick wins in specific areas of the system deemed "must haves" and turned customer satisfaction into renewed belief in the product and the company.

Reviews and Requests redesign focus:


Parexel is a provider of biopharmaceutical services, conducting clinical trials on behalf of its pharmaceutical clients to expedite the drug approval process

Award-winning (2015 Clinical Innovator of the Year) Data-Driven Monitoring Design provided a view into and across international clinical studies.

The Impact redesign project provided a better, more intuitive view into and across multiple international clinical trials.

The Apollo design project offered a way for researchers to quickly follow processes for testing clinical samples with tracking, timing, and storage technology on mobile devices. This eliminated the need to walk back and forth between lab processing equipment and a computer terminal. Following are examples of the workflow process for centrifugation as well as associated mockup flows and responsive design views for phones and tablets.


Deltek provides software and information solutions that enable project intelligence, management and collaboration.

Both the Budgeting & Planning and Vision Navigator systems had outdated interactions that carried original spreadsheet designs into an online system. I redesigned each system based on research through Heuristic Evaluations, internal feedback about existing support problems, User Interviews and Usability Testing with customers. The flows that were constructed for processes enabled clients to have a quicker workflow time with fewer mistakes and provided a clear view into the scope and progress of large architectural project lifecycles.

Verizon Business

Initial research documentation, storyboarding, and Information Architecture for the Everything as a Service (EaaS) project.

Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC) is a large and complex site for Verizon customers to communicate with Verizon, view and pay bills, log tickets, etc. after purchasing products and services through the Verizon business Web site. The next list presents an overall UX review for the 2.0 redesign/launch of the Medium Business web site as well as UX redesign mockups of specific VEC sections and functionality (e.g., how will users experience the secure email offering?).

Verizon vCommons (Intranet); the vCommons concept is detailed in the Heuristic Evaluation

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