SecurID Authenticate app mobile design

RSA had two mobile apps; I evolved the idea of combining both apps into one app while still providing the same functionality that users desired and needed from each while doing away with superfulous elements and separation that degraded cognition and intuitive everyday use.

Responsive image

Legacy Authenticate app for cloud-based multi-factor authentication:

Legacy Cloud Authenticate app

Legacy SecurID app for on-prem token-based network authentication:

Legacy SecurID token app


Newly designed SecurID Authenticate app combining on-prem token-based authentication with cloud-based multi-factor authentication options:

SecurID Authenticate app home screen with 2 accounts


Legacy Authenticate app intermediary screen to make a selection to Scan QR code or manually enter registration detals:

Legacy transition screen for scanning or entering details

SecurID Authenticate app Scan QR code or enter registration details manually screen with no intermediary screen necessary:

Scan QR Code or Enter Account Details


The user decided to enter manually. When they tap the registration field that section rises to cover the Scan QR Code section, putting focus on manual registration

Enter Account Details

The third account is added to the home screen in the last position. Primary or most important accounts can be forced to the top by the admin, but can be moved by the end-user.

Enter Account Details

Here is a view where the user taps the More screen. Key icon indicators signal whether a tap takes a user to a different location, a screen progression, or launches another app.

More screen


The user has the ability to rearrange cards in a different hierarchical order by long touching and dragging.

Moving AWS card to a different position through long touch and dragging

When a user accesses an application that requires authentication, one type of multi-factor authentication is Approve.

Approve authentication request

Another type of multi-factor authentication is a Biometric. I this case Biometric authentication refers to a previously register fingerprint.

Biometric authentication request

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