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OakenDoor provides Information Design of all types of writing, including Journalism, Marketing Writing, and Technical Writing. Metronome is a music-oriented magazine where local (New England) and international recording artists with current CD/DVD releases and/or a tour in progress are interviewed. We pride ourselves in developing and maintaining dynamic, engaging, "won't put you to sleep" reading materials for your audience based on thorough information design principles.

Writing is a many-faceted craft, but the following three concepts detail some basic differences between success and failure when engaging an audience through the written word.


OakenDoor provides journalism and creative writing in the form of magazine articles and reviews for many magazines, including Metronome Magazine. Click on any of the following photos to open a PDF file of an article or interview done for Metronome magazine. Metronome is a music-oriented magazine where local (New England) and international recording artists with current CD/DVD releases and/or a tour in progress are interviewed.

Journalism Samples

The following samples include PDF files from Metronome Magazine (articles & interviews) as well as two scanned files from Massachusetts AutoDealer Magazine.

Metronome Magazine

AutoDealer Magazine

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Marketing Writing

OakenDoor develops Maketing materials and campaigns for many clients that originally pursue User Experience Design with us, simply because good Information Architecture and Information Design delivery is not limited to the Web sites and software interfaces. Promoting a product so that it engages a user, producing excitement and joy, is at the core of what OakenDoor sees as good User Experience Design. Marketing materials are just another facet of that engagement that need to be meaningful to the respective user community.

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Nexus Email Blast

Marketing Writing Samples

The following samples include PDF files and HTML emails used in various campaigns.

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Technical Writing

Techical Writing is better described under the umbrella of Information Design. Technical Writing was a good concept when it began, but it never really took off because, for one, technical writers aren't necessarily highly technical people. However, Engineers expect people with "Technical" in their title to be highly technical - in something other than Information Architecture and its associated tools. Additionally, writing doesn't encompass what technical writers do either. Technical writers produce well-formed Information Architecture for starters. They also produce, maintain, and archive complex systems of information that need to be accessed and output on a regular basis, and in different forms. Technical Writers were advocates for Experience Design long before that term even came along.

The delivery of information, unless you are wearing headgear that puts you into a 3D world, is delivered in a 2D environment that is comprised of words, images, video, and sound. That is what Technical Writers produce, so Information Design is a more focused term. While people often say to me that they don't want to get hung up on the name, but rather the function, I'm still relating this information on a regular basis because the human condition is to understand a whole person in a professional environment based on their title. That's why Human Factors in Information Design has branched off into terms that didn't even exist at a high level when Information Design first started. Back then you were an Information Designer. Now you can be a User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer, User Researcher, Usability Tester, etc., etc., etc. OakenDoor, however, does it all, and still produces some of the best tech comm content you've ever seen. Companies need to refocus on Information Design by taking a look at the whole problem with their interface or widget instead of focusing on making the documentation simply go away. OakenDoor looks at the whole, which is what every Information Designer should be doing. So, to that end, you'll find many excellent Information Design samples on this page - even a Help system that puts a fine point on the statement of Technical Writer as Information Architect.

Additionally, good technical writers produce well-formated DITA/XML in environments where that is necessary, and good technical writers have a working knowledge of assessing, helping to implement, and helping to manage content management systems.

Technical Writing Samples

The following samples include PDF files and a Help system, all of which highlight Information Architecture produced through Technical Writing.



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The Use of Tools

OakenDoor maintains expertise in the following writing and publishing tools:

  • FrameMaker (Structured/Unstructured)
  • InDesign
  • Microsoft Word
  • WebWorks ePublisher Pro
  • Madcap Flare
  • Acrobat Professional

Content Management Systems

Learn all about Content Management Systems

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